Former Vice President Joe Biden urged the nation to remain patient as votes are tallied, saying he is confident of victory as he is pulling even further away from President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, the state that may make him the 46th US president.

In the latest batch of results from the Keystone State, Biden expanded his lead over Trump, which is now up to 28,833, meaning the President's already thin hopes of catching up are fast dwindling. Trump cannot win a second term without Pennsylvania, and if Biden captures its 20 electoral votes he cannot be stopped.
Biden would not declare victory when he spoke to the nation late Friday night, but said he was confident in an impending victory.
"The numbers tell us a clear and convincing story. We are going to win this race," Biden said.
He added, "We are going to win this race with a clear majority of the nation behind us."
Biden put on a show of confidence about the state of the race and also sought to present a picture of a new administration that is ready to get to work. He said that from his first day in the Oval Office he would launch a plan to control the pandemic, and he vowed to quickly enact an economic plan to speed the recovery.
And noting political tensions stirred by the election, Biden said, "We have to remain calm, patient, let the process work out as we count all the votes."
Biden's comments harked back to a calmer time, before the uproar of the Trump years, as he said it was time to drain the anger and demonization of partisanship, that politics would be about justice and improving the lives of all Americans.
The former vice president is also stretching his leads in Nevada and Georgia, though each state remains too close to call. He leads Trump by more than 22,000 votes in Nevada and is ahead by more than 4,000 in Georgia. The count will be complicated in Pennsylvania by tens of thousands of provisional ballots and many others that require extra care for reasons that include damage, legibility, signature issues or other defects.
The President cannot reach 270 electoral votes without winning both Pennsylvania and Georgia, and at least one of the other outstanding states. Biden can get over the top by winning Pennsylvania on its own or by taking both Nevada and Arizona. The challenger currently leads the President by 253 to 213 electoral votes, CNN projects.
Trump is cutting the Democrat's lead in Arizona, which is down to fewer than 30,000 votes with 94% reported, but it is not clear whether his margins are sufficiently wide to overtake his rival with 235,000 votes still to be counted.
-Trump has not appeared in public after his grievance- and lie-filled news conference at the White House on Thursday, and as a battle of wills began to emerge between the President and Biden's camp over the election endgame. Trump said in a tweet that Biden should not "wrongfully claim" the office of president and promised legal proceedings to try to hang on to his job. But so far the Trump campaign has offered conspiracy theories and accusations but little concrete evidence to back up its claims of corruption in the election.