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Just one day after Delaware saw its most deaths since the coronavirus outbreak begin, the death toll ticked up only slightly Sunday.

The Delaware Division of Public Health reported four additional deaths from the disease, bringing the total to 290. The most recent deaths involved persons ranging in age from 48 to 80. Two were female, and two were male. Three were New Castle County residents, and one was a Sussex County resident. Three of the individuals had underlying health conditions. Two of the individuals were residents of long-term care facilities. Eighty-four percent of the state's deaths involve people with underlying health issues, and about 65 percent lived in long-term care facilities.

Recoveries stand at 3,478, an increase of 111 cases from the day prior.

The number of patients in the hospital with COVID-19 saw its fifth straight day of declining numbers. It's down to 229 persons - its lowest level all month -- and down 21 persons from the day prior. The number of "critically ill" persons stands at 45, down five from the day prior.

However, the number of "active" cases continues to be at its highest level since the start of the pandemic at 3,902, but up only eight cases from the day prior.

The number of overall, cumulative cases increased by 123 to 7,670, marking the the smallest increase in a week.

The largest number of cases is in Sussex County, which has 3,739. New Castle County has 2,682 cases, and Kent County has 1,197 cases.

The data above is based off of the results of 1,107 new tests.