WDEL Delaware's Afternoon News

This entry is a segment of Delaware’s Afternoon News on WDEL-FM/AM from Oct. 30, 2019.  The show is anchored by Chris Carl.

The newscast features WDEL local reporting on:

  • A phony abduction attempt of a child
  • Communities debating moving trick-or-treating from Halloween due to inclement weather
  • A retaliation complaint filed against the Delaware Dept. of Insurance
  • A revitalization project in one local neighborhood
  • The family of a missing woman who was found dead thanks the community for their efforts to find her
  • Potential effects on climate change/rising sea levels on coastal communities
  • and a kicker story on a restaurant dealing with an infestation problem

The newscast also features reporting from WDEL’s in-house traffic reporter.

The half-hour began with an update on world and national news from CBS Radio News (not included in this entry).