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An FBI profiler in Wilmington Tuesday pulled back the curtain on how investigators managed to solve huge criminal cases involving the Unabomber and the DC Sniper.

Jim Fitzgerald told Delaware Morning News on WDEL how his role played out as these crimes unfolded.

"The fingerprints, the DNA, even forensic linguistics, and they look at the behavior of clues left behind," said Fitzgerald. "These are essentially the invisible clues not seen by the naked eye, but has to do with fully assessing the crime scene."

Fitzgerald recalled how, in the case of the DC snipers, who killed ten people, he developed a theory early on that the suspects had a specific target and that some victims were collateral damage.

The investigation revealed John Muhammed intended the killings to be a smoke screen to cover his real goal, of killing his ex-wife.

Fitzgerald is speaking and signing books at the Double Tree Hotel on Concord Pike at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, December 10, 2019.