Our important stories from the previous week included animal cruelty, behind the scenes of Firefly 2020, fighting hate in the community, loud noises, and a case on its way to closure. 

WDEL's Amy Cherry brought us the troubling story of someone intentionally causing harm to the ponies at Carousel Park, and the efforts of police to track down whoever would do such a thing: 

Firefly 2020 has some pretty big names coming to Dover this year, and in the weekly ArtsWatch feature from WDEL's Mark Fowser, he takes us behind the scenes to show us how such a huge event finds all the right pieces to bring together: 

As tensions mounted last week following controversial comments made during a school board meeting about building a wall, WDEL's Sean Greene tracks the response of a community coming together to call for an end to racism from those in positions of power: 

WDEL's Mike Phillips warned us that, if we heard something scary last week, it was just a test, but we should now what we're hearing so we can be better prepared to react if we ever hear it again:

A man wanted in connection to the rape of a child in the Mill Creek area was tracked to Florida, and WDEL's DJ McAneny brings us news of his arrest: