Our important stories from the previous week included rallying for a veteran, coming together for a family in mourning, Olympic aspirations, DelDOT dangers on the road, and--of course--coronavirus. 

Allister Barker, a Korean War veteran, died without any known family in the area. WDEL's Mark Fowser shows us when the community hear Al's funeral attendance might be sparse, they came together to give him a proper send-off:

An accommodating ending for a family facing the difficult task of burying a child, WDEL's Amy Cherry brings us coverage of the New Castle County administration making special arrangements for a Muslim family to use the only cemetery specific to their faith, even before it meets all legal requirements: 

A local athletic stand-out, WDEL's Sean Greene tells us Middletown's Morgan Hurd took the gold at the American Cup, an Olympic effort:

Covering the ever-present dangers roadside work crews face while doing their important work, WDEL's Mike Phillips brings us the story of another DelDOT truck struck struck in less than two months: 

As Delaware, still untouched, prepares itself while coronavirus creeps its way closer, across the continent and the world, it's impacting the ways we celebrate, the ways we worship, and how we educate our children. Find all of WDEL's team coverage of novel coronavirus COVID-19 on our dedicated page