Our important stories from the previous week included where your money is going in Delaware, permission for your dogs to come hang out during a night on the town, a new police robot, illegal car towing, and a special event for the Special Olympics. 

WDEL's Mark Fowser breaks down where Gov. John Carney proposes your money should be spent in the coming fiscal year: 

Delaware lawmakers have given the go-ahead for restaurant owners to make the decision on whether or not dog owners can bring their four-legged buddies out while hitting the town. WDEL's DJ McAneny fills us in: 

While defusing a barricade situation in South Penn Acres, WDEL's Mike Phillips brings us the debut of a brand new robot being utilized by authorities--The Rook: 

Following a pair of stories detailing instances of alleged illegal towing in Wilmington, WDEL's Amy Cherry reached out to bring us a response from the company now under scrutiny for their practices: 

Finally, WDEL's own Sean Greene takes the plunge to raise money for the Special Olympics, and captures it all on video: