Our important stories from the previous week included combating the notion that Philadelphia Eagles fans are toxic, new crime fighting strategies in Wilmington, upcoming commuter troubles, a stolen memorial, and the kickoff of Radiothon season. 

Fans of the Eagles are notorious for being a particularly rowdy crowd. Is that reputation warranted? Well...maybe, but we're probably more polite than outsiders would expect. 

Wilmington officials are looking to reduce crime by finding ways to offer more help, rather than punishment, to combat recidivism. 

For commuters between Christiana and Newark, things just got a little more difficult. 

A memorial marking the site of a lynching--the idea to remember our history spearheaded by an area high school student--was stolen, ripped right out of the ground. 

Radiothon season is here, and soon, WDEL will be asking our community to contribute to the cause of Helping Our Kids live from Nemours A.I. duPont Hospital for Children. 

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