A skinny strip on Market Street is now the home for the Wilmington Green Box, a non-profit project serving as the new grab-and-go hotspot for local working, eating, and shopping. 

“The daily operation of the project is run by local youth, and we sell different produce items and healthy goods,” said Jason Aviles, part owner of the Wilmington Green Box. “And we purchase most of our items locally.”

This project takes youth off the streets and provides them with an innovative entrepreneurial training and employment, while serving Downtown Wilmington 'healthy goods in a creative way.'

“First, [we saw that] our youth needed employment. Second, when it came to healthy foods, there was a lack of food access. And third, different local food companies were struggling," said Aviles. “We needed to come out with a consistent, residual kind of income in a moderate way to support them.”

The space provides guests with an outdoor lawn space, free wifi, and occasional live music from local artists.

“What is special about this is we have a bunch of young Wilmington guys who believe in the city and believe in themselves,” said Mayor Mike Purzycki. “They are risking whatever they have for what is a beautiful enterprise.”

“You are really buying into a mission that is serving our community,” said Aviles.

The Wilmington Green Box is located at 420 North Market Street in Wilmington.