In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and racial unrest, James Parker and his group of volunteers from Eating at the King's Table have been distributing food day in, day out, for 75 straight days.

On Friday, June 5, 2020, they distributed to their 10,000th family at a drive-thru site set up in the parking lot of the Route 9 Library.

They moved to the library after the Rose Hill Community Center had been closed due to coronavirus concerns.

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer praised their efforts.

"In times of crisis you really find out what peoples' character is, what they're made of, and we're learning that from all these volunteers," Meyer said.

Parker has been providing this service for seven years but started doing it daily just before the coronavirus crisis started.

He said he hears how thankful people are, especially senior citizens.

"'Because of this food I can buy my medicine, I have money for my medicine.' Other people it helps out with a gas bill," said Parker.

Parker's distribution site doesn't just provide a pre-made box of items, it allows families to pick the food they need and want.

"To have them be in quarantine but then be able to come out here and make choices, even though it's free, to make choices that makes them feel good."

And at the end of the food line are flowers.

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