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Active cases of novel coronavirus COVID-19 were down a handful Friday on a day where, in a continuing effort to provide increased information and context, public health officials started breaking down how many individuals per 10,000 residents in a county were infected. 

According to Delaware Public Health officials, of 938 new test results provided, there were 172 new positive cases, jumping from 5,939 to 6,111.

There were also 2,288 total recoveries in the First State, up 178 from Thursday's reported 2,110, 

Fatalities had increased by 11 to 213, up from 202 the day prior. The most recent deaths involved persons ranging in age from 55 to 99. Four were female and seven were male. Two were New Castle County residents, two were Kent County residents, and seven were Sussex County residents. Ten of the eleven individuals had underlying health conditions. Seven individuals were residents of long-term care facilities, which have been home to roughly 65 percent of Delaware's deaths from COVID-19. 

Removing recoveries and fatalities from the cumulatively posted positive cases provides an "active" case count of 3,610, down 17 from Thursday's 3,627. 

By county, Nee Castle's increase from 2,130 to 2,184 meant 37 individuals per 10,000 residents were positive, Kent's increase from 945 to 963 meant 55.2 individuals per 10,000 residents were positive, and Sussex's increase from 2,834 to 2,936 meant 154.2 individuals per 10,000 residents were positive. Cases with an unknown county of origin dropped from 30 to 28. 

Additionally, there were 289 hospitalizations, an increase of four from Thursday. Of those, 59 persons were listed as "critically ill."

Negative tests statewide now stood at 22,153, and increase in 766 new results over Thursday's 21,387. 

Increased testing will continue to lead to an increase in cases as Delaware examines other metrics like hospitalizations and percent of positive cases to determine conditions on the ground with the goal of reopening the economy. 


WDEL's Amy Cherry contributed to this report