Yorklyn Storytelling Festival

"Storytelling is really the oldest form of human communication that we have."

Through word, song, mime and other methods stories will be told throughout the three-day Yorklyn Storytelling Festival which begins Friday October 18th.

The co-founder, Carlos Alejandro, said it's being held for the first time in the small community near the edge of the Delaware "arc" border with Pennsylvania. It has its roots in the Lower Brandywine Storytelling Festival, which was discontinued several years ago.

Yorklyn emerged as a fine location. Former industrial pollution was cleaned up, and it now has a state park, museum, trails and other attractions.

(Listen, as Carlos Alejandro talks about some of the storytellers who are coming to the Yorklyn Storytelling Festival, as well as the associated events and workshops:)

Visitors may attend one day of the festival, or all three. Ticket discounts are available for students.

"The most amazing thing about storytelling is, you're not sure what it is when you first go to see it, but once you see it when you are leaving you know you'll go to another one," Alejandro said.