Do you know someone who engages in unethical behavior at work? It may be more widespread than you think.

For example, workers who surf the web for personal business on company time are cheating their employers, said Doctor Steven Mintz, author of Beyond Happiness and Meaning: Transforming Your Life Through Ethical Behavior.

"Ideally, you do these sort of things during the lunch break, during breaks in the morning or the afternoon, and I always feel that if you're on social media doing personal things during the day, you should stay an extra hour or whatever it is at work to make up for that," said Mintz.

MIntz added as in many areas, ideas of what constitutes ethical behavior are changing.

Millennials, for instance, value working for a socially-conscious company, but that's not all that's different.

"They want trust within the company that those who they report to will be honest, tell them where they stand, give them an opportunity to improve themselves, so they may have less of a connection with, let's say, the Golden Rule, which has been the standard [for ethical behavior] for so many years," said Mintz.

Mintz said that doesn't mean millennials are unethical--just that their perspective is different from that of previous generations.

He added many people have subjective view of ethics based on "what's in it for them," but those who behave ethically look beyond their own self-interest to help others.