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New hires at Beebe Healthcare will be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine, according to an announcement on the healthcare system's website.

Beebe also sought to clarify existing policy after two weeks ago in a virtual town hall, Dr. Bill Chasanov, infectious disease physician, stated the hospital has no COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees while answering a question from a concerned pregnant woman who plans to deliver a baby at the hospital.

Monday, in a written statement, Tam said existing employees are required to get vaccinated or be subjected to weekly COVID-19 testing in accordance with state and federal requirements.

At the time of the town hall, Dr. David Tam, president and CEO of Beebe Healthcare, said they were waiting to see what the federal guidelines are with respect to mandating vaccines. 

"This alignment with state and federal government health authorities is consistent with how we have approached policies and procedures throughout the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. We also continue to consistently and aggressively encourage our staff to get vaccinated," Tam said.

Beebe previously said it had provided incentives for employees to get vaccinated by a September 30 deadline, but did not specify what those incentives looked like.

The healthcare system has also not responded to WDEL's requests for data on how many of its staff have been vaccinated. During the town hall, Chasanov said only:

"While I won't provide the percentage of our team members that are vaccinated what I will say is that I'm extremely proud of our number," Chasanov said.

ChristianaCare has mandated the COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of employment for existing and future hires. The state's largest private employer lost 150 employees over the mandate.