Bethany Beach has announced it will open its boardwalk and beach for exercise  beginning on Friday, meaning all Delaware beaches will be back to the level of Governor Carney's State of Emergency.

Their move comes hours after Rehoboth Beach voted to make the same decision at a Commissioner's meeting on Monday.

Unlike Rehoboth, Bethany will not be allowing dog walking, which is prohibited on the town's beaches between May 15 and September 30 each year. Rehoboth waived that rule for their beach until May 29, but they're still not permitted on the boardwalk except to cross onto the beach.

Bethany Beach has a town council meeting scheduled for Friday, where further parts of their reopening plan could be discussed.

In various waves, Lewes, Rehoboth, Dewey, Bethany, South Bethany, and Fenwick Island have all opened up their beaches for exercise.

In all cases, sitting on the beach and swimming remain banned under Governor Carney's State of Emergency. He has not indicated publicly when that could change during his reopening plan.