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A food pantry that helps University of Delaware students who don't have regular access to meals has gotten a massive donation, thanks to a pair of Maryland high-schoolers.

Cana Hartman is parish administrator with Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, home of Blue Hen Bounty, and said it's easy for needy UD students to avail themselves of the pantry's resources, and the recipients are grateful.

"They need only come into our parish with a University of Delaware ID, and they're welcome to our pantry, so we've had everyone be completely respectful of that situation--we've never had anybody come in and storm and take everything, and everybody's been really, really wonderful--they take what they need, and they're very appreciative of it," said Hartman.

Saturday, 2 high school students donated 1250 pounds of non-perishable foods to the pantry.

Hartman said the students teamed up with Diwali Food Drive, a non-profit group named for the Hindu Festival of Lights.

"(The students) wanted to do something specific during their 5-day Diwali celebration to honor that festival," said Hartman.

Blue Hen Bounty was started roughly 6 years ago.