Volleyballs inside the 76ers Fieldhouse

Volleyball is one of the sports played inside the 76ers Fieldhouse

BPG Sports has been slapped with a $15,000 fine, marking the second time the organization has been fined for allegedly not following coronavirus restrictions. 

In a letter to 76ers Fieldhouse General Manager Steve Cavalier, dated October 8, 2020, obtained by WDEL, the Delaware Division of Public Health said it reviewed videos and photographs of concerned citizens that revealed a lack of mask-wearing by student athletes in 30 separate volleyball games that occurred between September 25 and October 5.

"Due to the significant number of games observed the penalty assessed is $15,000.00 ($500 per violation for thirty games) and is payable to the "State of Delaware" and must be received within 30 days of receipt of this notice," the letter reads.

BPG can contest the administrative penalty. Cavalier told WDEL he had not received any letter from DPH dated October 8, 2020. DPH confirmed the letter was sent via certified mail.

"We are not sure why the organization would not have received it by now, as they likely should have at this point," said Jen Brestel, Media Relations and FOIA coordinator for DPH.  

This marks the second time BPG Sports has been fined for allegedly violating COVID-19 restrictions. A letter dated, August 14, from DPH to BPG Sports fined the facility $5,000 for a lack of compliance with COVID-19 restrictions tied to its First State Preps College Exposure Showcase on July 30, 2020.

DPH said videos and photos of the event showed a lack of face coverings by student athletes, a lack of or improper wearing of face coverings by staff and coaches as well as a lack of social distancing among athletes, who were not "actively engaged" in activity, and a lack of social distancing among spectators. BPG was also cited for not disinfecting equipment between users, as required by the governor's State of Emergency.

Brestel told WDEL that BPG Sports has appealed the fines listed in the August 14th communication and a hearing is in the process of being set.

Read the August 14 letter from DPH: