Brandywine High School special education teacher Jahsha Tabron has been selected as Delaware's 2022 Teacher of the Year.

Tabron works as a co-teacher in English classes for grades 9-12, and said working with her colleagues has been vital to her and her students' success.

"To every teacher that I have ever worked with, thank you for being open to inclusion, and welcoming my students as our students. Our classrooms are sacred places, and I thank you for feeling safe enough to let me in."

WDEL's Sean Greene speaks with Brandywine HS special education teacher Jahsha Tabron after she was named Delaware's 2022 Teacher of the Year

The Delaware State University alum added she has seen an evolution in the perception of special education during her 22 years in the classroom, but she wants to see more.

"Special education does work when we work together. I accept this honor for all of us, and all that we do. I hope that we can continue to open doors of collaboration for teachers who work directly with students. We should be at every table where decisions about students and education are being made."

Tabron, who was born in the Bronx, but stayed in Delaware after graduating from DelState, said it's been a tough year for education, and it takes teamwork to achieve success.

"The load of teaching is heavy, imagine how much we could lift, if we carried the weight together? Effective inclusion and effective special education works when we all work together. Let's all show up and change the future."  

Tabron said she's received her best education from the students she teaches every day at Brandywine.

"I thank my students for the daily life lessons, and I hope that we continue to learn together so that we can continue to navigate this ever-changing world."

Tabron was selected from 20 finalists representing public and charter schools throughout Delaware. The finalists each received a $2,000 cash grant. Tabron wins an additional $3,000 grand, and $5,000 to spend to benefit her classroom.