Kaylee Otlowski

Kaylee Otlowski drives to the basket in a game against St. Mary's College

Former Caravel standout Kaylee Otlowski was called into her Salisbury coach's office last week, and she couldn't believe the news.

The junior was named a Division III All-American by the Women's Basketball Coaches Association. 

"I was shocked because coming from Delaware I was Third-Team All-State. Caravel, we did well and were in championships but never won, I just didn't realize how good I was in America."

Her coach, Kelly Baskow, said in a press release that Kaylee's all-around game earned the national attention.

"This year, Kaylee continued to prove why she is one of the best in the country. She has the consistency on both ends of the court, and the heart to fuel that consistency. That combination makes her hard to stop."

Otlowski scored 15 points per game, but the 12.8 rebounds (8.5 defensive), 2.7 steals, and 1.2 blocks per contest showed her emphasis was on the defensive end, which was sparked by holding future Division I player Julie Kulesza scoreless in a state championship game against Conrad.

"Defense wins games, so to be able to play defense, move your feet, block shots, that definitely carried on to my college career. If I can play defense, I'm sure I can make a layup on the other side."

At 6'0" Otlowski has a height advantage in many situations, but she said you have to have the mindset to take advantage of it.

"If I'm down there, I'm going to be the one to get the rebound. I do have long arms, so I have a little bit of an advantage, but rebounding was something I really worked on in the fall. This ball is mine, I don't want to give the other team another opportunity."

Opportunity has been a buzzword in this sports season, and Otlowski recognized just to be able to play eight games was special.

"It's definitely a season we won't forget, we'll never take anything for granted again. It was really fun to play an actual season, because some colleges and universities didn't even get the chance to play or practice or see their teammates."

Otlowski still has a year to go, but the exercise science major said she has an end game in mind for when she graduates from Salisbury.

"I want to be an occupational therapist, which is helping people with their everyday tasks that they can't perform for some reason. Having basketball and exercise science as I major, I love it."

One common sight when Kaylee is on the bench is a towel around her neck. She said that's a combination of function, but also creates a bond to one of her biggest fans.

"It's nothing but I sweat a lot, and I need my towel to wipe off my sweat. My grandmother does buy me those towels, and she comes to every game, but it's mostly to keep my sweat under control."

It might have just been eight games, but Otlowski couldn't be controlled enough to keep her off a top-10 list in her division of college basketball, and knows after a long year, it means even more.

"I'm also very blessed and honored to received this award."

(VIDEO: Kaylee Otlowski scores a basket off a long pass from future Villanova player Grace Lange while at Caravel)