Biden victory rally 110720

Delaware Governor John Carney delivered a message to those who gathered at the Wilmington Riverfront on Saturday to celebrate the declared presidential victory of Joe Biden: get tested for COVID-19.

"People who were there should get tested, just like we recommended those who were involved in the social protests get tested, as well," Carney said during his weekly coronavirus press conference on Tuesday.

The Delaware Division of Public Health said it's not aware of any COVID-19 outbreaks connected to any of the protests or protests-turned-riots in Wilmington, Dover, and other areas in May and June.

Carney said the Biden campaign did consult with state officials, at least for the portion inside the perimeter fence of the Chase Center and its neighboring parking lot, and the event was permitted.

"The spontaneous crowd that just gathered, those are things that are, frankly, hard to control. The formal gathering did have a consultation with public health and a plan in place, and it had an approval to do so."

DPH Director Dr. Karyl Rattay echoed her boss' warning, but said her attention is more focused on a group of people who weren't near the Chase Center.

"Frankly, I'm more concerned about how many people were gathering with friends watching football games or the Biden speech at home indoors, probably, than those people who were gathering. But I do agree--those individuals who were gathering and less than six feet should be tested, just to be sure."

The Riverfront event happened in an environment where outdoor gatherings in Delaware are limited to 250 people or less, unless prior DPH permission is granted.

Many high school graduations received approval to extend that number, and 1,400 people have been approved to attend games at Salesianum's new Abessinio Stadium, which debuts on Friday.