Padua's Paige Kenton breaks free for a goal in the 2019 DIAA D1 Girls Soccer Championship Game

Padua's Paige Kenton breaks free for a goal in the 2019 DIAA D1 Girls Soccer Championship Game

Nearly four weeks after initially announcing that most outdoor athletes in Delaware could compete without masks, Governor Carney cracked a loophole to allow Delaware high school athletes to do the same.

Carney suspended the DIAA sport-specific mandate for masks in the non-"high-risk" sports of baseball, golf, girls’ lacrosse, girls' soccer, softball, tennis, and track and field, as of 8 a.m. April 28, 2021. Masks must still be worn on the sideline when not actively participating in a practice or game.

Carney's previous edit of the State of Emergency on April 1, allowed athletes in those sports to shed masks during competition and practices, but because the DIAA regulations put into effect late in 2020 specifically said masks must remain on, high school athletes had to comply with that rule.

The DIAA Board of Directors attempted several times to convince their lawyer to make the change themselves, but without "imminent peril" being proven to allow for an emergency regulation, they were forced to go through a lengthy regulations process that would have taken until Mid-June.

Carney's action does not affect boys lacrosse, which is seen as a high-impact sport in the eyes of the Delaware Division of Public Health, and is different than girls lacrosse because of the contact differences between the sports.

Also, coaches, event staff, officials, and spectators will continue to have to wear masks, as those restrictions were not altered by the Governor's order.

In addition, bars and restaurants are now allowed to seat 10 people at an outdoor table while inside seating has increased from four to six persons.

Also, due to continued limited access to judicial facilities, anyone with a conceal carry license whose permit expires on June 1, 2021, has been granted a two-month extension until August 1, 2021, according to the governor's latest order.