Photo courtesy Moms Clean Air Force

Senator Tom Carper Thursday spoke to a climate activist group whose stated goal is saving the planet.

At the sixth annual "Play-In" held on the DC Mall by the Moms Clean Air Force, Carper honored Thomas Jefferson, quoting the Declaration of Independence to support his environmental message.

"Is it possible to have life with dirty air? Is it possible to have happiness with with dirty air? Is it possible to have, really, a decent place to raise our kids with dirty air," asked Carper.

Carper took a shot at the Trump administration, claiming it's reversed environmental gains made by Democrats.

"We were winning the fight for clean air, year after year after year--two years ago, that stopped," said Carper.

Carper spoke at the sixth annual Moms Clean Air Force "Play-In", which featured several speakers, mostly other Congressional Democrats.