Former Congressman and Governor Mike Castle (R)

A former Congressman and governor of Delaware said it's time to "fix politics now," and he recently took part in a forum that's taking on the challenge.

Republican Mike Castle and a handful of ex-government officials have formed a group called Issue One, which met recently in Philadelphia.

"There's about 200 former members of Congress, some governors, and some former Cabinet members, who are part of this operation," said Castle.

Castle said the group has hit the ground running.

"We have already signed a declaration recommitting ourselves to being part of the solution, and obviously, saying it's time to restore accountability, transparency, and integrity in our government.  Inn other words, we need to really fix politics as it is now," said Castle.

Castle said Issue One's membership is about evenly split between Republicans and Democrats.

Among the issues the group plans to tackle are whether the primary election system needs reform and whether members of Congress now spend too much time raising funds for re-election and too little time actually writing and passing laws.