Chemours 1

A local chemical company claims it's using its partnership with the National Hockey League to help make the league's rinks "greener."

A lot of NHL rinks were built back in the 90's, said Chemours' Alisha Bellezza.

"Their ice systems are not as efficient or environmentally friendly as they could be,"Bellezza told WDEL's Del-AWARE.

Bellezza said Chemours new refrigerant, called Opteon, is a hydroflouroolefin, which she claims is better for the environment than older hydroflourocarbon or chloroflourocarbon refrigerants because it won't contribute to ozone depletion or global warming.

She added the company's agreement with the league has expanded to include programs supporting STEM education.

"Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and we're doing that at local middle schools in partnership with the NHL, so stay tuned, we're gonna have more on that comin' up," said Bellezza.