Center for Clean Hydrogen opened by Chemours, University of Delaware

The University of Delaware and Chemours hosted a dedication of the Center for Clean Hydrogen Wed. Oct. 19th

Some of it involves science you may have learned in high school: sourcing hydrogen, which is commonly available.

Making it affordable and applying it in the fight against global climate change is the goal of the Center for Clean Hydrogen, which was dedicated by Chemours and the University of Delaware Wednesday. The project also involves the Department of Defense and other interests in producing clean hydrogen and converting it into energy.

The Center for Clean Hydrogen has been dedicated

Proponents said it's efficient, and with zero emissions. 

"Wind and solar can do a lot for us, but they need the help of clean hydrogen," University of Delaware Henry B. duPont Chair of Chemical and Biological Engineering Yushan Yan said. "Clean hydrogen can do many things that electricity just can't do."

Senator Chris Coons, D-Delaware, said clean hydrogen could take one high-risk element out of combat: the need to transport large amounts of fuel and oil to run military vehicles and bases. 

"It (the Center) is going to accelerate the opportunity for the men and women of our armed forces to have clean hydrogen - a renewable energy source - powering their bases, powering their heavy equipment and trucks, powering their fighting vehicles," Coons said. 

Students and post-doctoral employees at the University of Delaware will also have the opportunity to do stack assembly at scale, helping to build the next generation clean energy workforce. The students will gain experience in stack and component assembly as well as skills in electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering. 

“Clean hydrogen will play a major role in meeting our nation’s energy needs while decarbonizing the economy, creating clean energy jobs, and strengthening national security. Chemours’ Nafion™ membrane technology is vital to the production and utilization of hydrogen power, and we are proud to join this partnership to launch the Center for Clean Hydrogen at the University of Delaware,” Chemours President and CEO Mark Newman said. “This Center will facilitate the research and development needed to drive these technologies forward while establishing Delaware as a world-class knowledge center for the hydrogen economy. On behalf of Chemours, I want to thank our partners and the entire Delaware Congressional Delegation for working together to shape a clean energy future.”

Mark is a veteran broadcast-journalist in Delaware.  Mark, a Claymont native, is a former President of the Delaware Press Association and      Chesapeake AP Broadcasters Association.