Christina School District

Christina School District schools will return to remote-only learning until December 7 after multiple staff members were required to enter COVID protocols.

District spokesperson Alva Mobley told WDEL via email that the district is "seeing multiple staff members being quarantined as part of a mitigating strategy."

She said the district does not believe there has been any COVID spread within the district's buildings.

Offices will remain open from Tuesday, November 24 through Friday, December 4 with the exception of the Thanksgiving and Day after Thanksgiving holidays.

Christina was one week away from completing their complete transition from remote to hybrid. Only students in 10-12th grades had yet to enter hybrid, they were expected to start on Monday, November 30. They will now begin on December 7, when all other students are scheduled to resume hybrid learning.

Christina's decision mirrors calls made by other Delaware school districts, including Colonial, Laurel, and Polytech, which switched from hybrid to remote at various times due to coronavirus concerns.