Wilmington City Council President Hanifa Shabazz said a citizen's "threatening behavior" is the reason she filed a complaint with police, who arrested the man at his home Wednesday.

Dion Wilson was charged with harassment and disorderly conduct. He told WDEL he was still in his underwear when police knocked on his door and told him to come onto the porch. He was allowed to put on shorts before being taken to police headquarters.

Wilson had filed a Freedom of Information Act complaint after Shabazz cut him off during public comment at the September 19th Council meeting. Shabazz cited violations of FCC regulations and disrespect in the chambers.

Wilson used profanity during public comments at the September 5th meeting.

Friday, Shabazz posted a message on Twitter, which started "as presiding officer of City Council it is my responsibility to ensure order during our meetings. Mr. Wilson was not allowed to speak on September 19th because at our previous meeting he use profanity during his comments."

Shabazz said in her statement "my action of seeking protection was due to his threatening behavior outside of Council Chambers. I did what any citizen of Wilmington would do when they have concerns for their safety."

Wilson is 71 years old and admitted he faced criminal charges long in the past. However, he said he had not made a threat to Shabazz, but also admitted yelling at her at Council chambers about a year ago. 

A hearing on the charges against Wilson is scheduled in December. He is effectively barred from City Council meetings pending the outcome.