Joseph Slider

(Photo courtesy New Castle County Police)

A 60-year-old Claymont man who claimed drug-induced hallucinations led him to fatally shoot his ex-wife pled guilty to her murder, the Delaware department of Justice announced Friday. 

According to officials, Joseph Slider and Mary Ellen Slider, 59, of Folsom, Pennsylvania, were engaging in PCP and hallucinogenics at Joesph's apartment in November 2018 when he said he began to believe the television program they were watching was real, and Mary Ellen was a character who'd killed his mother. 

He shot her with a .22-caliber revolver multiple times, including twice in the head. Then he called 911. 

He pled guilty to second-degree murder and possession of a firearm during commission of a felony. He'll be sentenced at an undetermined date in 2020.