Crews install a pilot of Ultra-High Performance Concrete into the Delaware Memorial Bridge

Crews install a pilot of Ultra-High Performance Concrete onto the Delaware Memorial Bridge ahead of a 2022-23 construction project

A construction project to repair the deck of the Delaware Memorial Bridge's New Jersey-bound span will create a two-way traffic pattern on the Delaware-bound side.

The Delaware River & Bay Authority ran tests and discovered that the twin span taking Northbound I-295 into New Jersey needs an upgraded surface.

The plan is to use Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC), which includes a higher cement percentage along with steel fibers to build strength. The DMB project will be the largest application of UHPC in the United States.

"When completed, the bridge deck will be stronger and durable than the original installation," project manager Dave Hoppenjans said during a recent public meeting.

The $71 million project will be done over three stages, Fall 2022, Spring 2023, and then Fall 2023.

DRBA's plan is to avoid doing construction during the colder, holiday months of December and January, and also stay out of the higher-volume summer season.

During each of the phases, just two of the four New Jersey-bound span's lanes will be available during the day, with a third lane lane taken away from 10 p.m.-6 a.m.

To make up for the loss, DRBA is planning a contraflow pattern, where one lane of traffic will be directed onto the Delaware-bound side, separated by a jersey barrier with glare shield.

Traffic using that lane will eventually cross back into the northbound lanes, but after the NJ 49/US 130/I-295 exits, so it will be restricted to New Jersey Turnpike-bound traffic.

Three lanes into Delaware (Southbound I-295) will be maintained at all times during the work.

Phase 1 will take away the 2 right lanes from Delaware to the mid-span, and go from September 6-November 16, 2022.

Phase 2 is scheduled for the 2 left lanes of the entire length, and operate from February 21-May 24, 2023.

The final phase will complete the 2 right lanes from the mid-span to New Jersey, and run from September 5-November 21, 2023.