A convicted rapist and former University of Delaware baseball player had another year added to his prison sentence this week.

Former UD pitcher Clay Conaway was sentenced on charges of third-degree sexual contact stemming from an assault on another UD student at his home in 2017, following the completion of the second of six scheduled trials.

Conaway was sentenced to five years on fourth-degree rape charges in November 2019 at the culmination of the first trial. 

His new sentenced will be served back-to-back with the first prison term. 

After his arrest in August 2018 in connection to a reported assault that occurred on June 20, 2018, WDEL broke the news on his expulsion from the University of Delaware in regards to a separate incident reported to administrators as a sexual assault, and that there were numerous counts of rape for which Conaway had never faced trial dating back to 2013, including the following arrests on the following charges:

  • second-degree rape, September 2013
  • second-degree rape, December 2013
  • second-degree rape, August 2017
  • second-degree rape, May 2018
  • two counts second-degree rape, July 2018


24/7 News Source contributed to this report.