U.S. Sen. Chris Coons

U.S. Sen. Chris Coons (D-Delaware)

WDEL file

Senator Chris Coons is among the Democrats pushing for the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill to be passed by Congress.

The measure will fund jobs and needed improvements to essential structures and systems in the US in general and Delaware in particular, Coons claimed.

"It would create 650,000 high-skilled, good-paying jobs, it'd be the biggest rail investment in Amtrak since its founding, and it would make a huge difference in Delaware in terms of replacing lead pipes in schools and homes, making investments in clean energy and making our bridges and our roads more drivable and safer," said Coons.

Coons said one thing he's been working on is replacing existing school buses with more environmentally-friendly ones.

"There's half a million school buses on the roads that, every day during school season, transport kids to and from home.  They're some of the most polluting engines we've got in America, and retrofitting those diesel engines over time with lower-polluting engines is a good idea," said Coons.

Coons said he's worried that if lawmakers don't reach a deal on the bill this week, it won't pass.

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer has said he'll keep the Senate in session past the scheduled start of the summer recess as a way to push toward a deal on the measure.