hot weather

The hottest temperatures we have seen in years will roll into the area this week and build to dangerous heat levels by the weekend.

Make plans to spend time indoors later this week and check on neighbors to make sure they are ready for the dangerous heat Friday to Monday. Special care for pets too!

Tuesday will be sunny, hot and humid with highs in the low 90s.

A First Alert for dangerous days of heat begins Wednesday for the entire region. Heavy, drenching rain is also possible Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday we jump to the mid 90s with a feels-like temperature of 105. We will see several chances for rain and thunderstorms triggered by the remnants of Tropical Storm "Barry."

Thursday there will be periods of drenching rain courtesy of the remnants of Barry. Localized flooding is a concern. Temperatures will be near 90 with a feels-like near 100.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday the heat and humidity make a bigger jump with highs between 96-100, lows in the 80's and a feels-like between 110-120.

This will be the most dangerous time because the cumulative effect of the heat will wear on your bodies. Please plan for time indoors in air-conditioning, check on neighbors and the elderly, special care for pets, check the coolant levels in your car.

  • TUESDAY: Partly cloudy, hot. High 93
  • WEDNESDAY: Hot and humid. Late-day showers and thunderstorms. High 96. Feels like 105.
  • THURSDAY: Hot and humid. Thunderstorms possible. High 90. Feels like 100.
  • FRIDAY: Tropical heat and humidity. High 99. Feels like 110-115.
  • SATURDAY: Blazing sunshine. Tropical heat and humidity. High 96-100. Feels like 115-120.
  • SUNDAY: Mostly sunny, hot and humid. High 98. Feels-like 105-110
  • MONDAY: Hot and humid. High 97. Feels-like 105-110