Delaware gambling council meets


The Delaware Council on Gambling Problems says an increase in problem gambling is an unintended consequence of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Technology has made it easier for gambling addicts to indulge their habits, said the DCGP's Jeffrey Wasserman.

"With the opportunity to gamble online in the privacy of your own home, and to really hide your gambling, it really creates a problem for many, which doesn't really get disclosed until all of the severe consequences of the activities come to light," said Wasserman.

Wasserman said gambling addicts typically fall into one of two groups.

"There are what's called 'action gamblers,' who are seeking that dopamine rush by just engaging in the activity of risk-taking.  There are also gamblers, and I happen to be one of them, that use gambling as an escape, much like one would use drugs or alcohol," said Wasserman.

The council's 2021 meeting will be held virtually March 24th and 25th, and will feature speakers from around the world.

Anyone who'd like to find out more about it can call 302.655.3261 or go to