Delabear Alapocas 120519

The black bear that has been roaming the Wilmington area for the past two days has apparently made another move. 

DNREC is reporting that an aerial infrared search of Alapocas Run State Park turned up empty, and as a result, they've reopened the park to visitors.

That's the last place officials spotted the black bear, who was resting late Thursday evening.

Officials did not state where they think the bear might have moved to, despite using trail cameras and foot patrols in the park on Friday.

Despite the reopening, officials still work Alapocas Run State Park visitors to be on the look out for the bear, and call 1.800.523.3336 if they sight it.

They warn residents to limit access to trash and food outside until the bear has been corralled. 

Black bear populations within neighboring states of Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania have expanded over the past several decades. As a result, it is not unusual for a bear find its way into Delaware.