Kathy Jennings

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings told a Facebook Live that the Department of Justice has a powerful tool that can help investigate police violence, but she'd like to see it get more responsibilities.

Jennings spoke with state Senator Darius Brown Monday night, and said the Office of Civil Rights should be a key leader if or when police violence, like the  killing of George Floyd, occurred in Delaware.

"They are empowered to investigate police misconduct. I would like to see an expansion of their work to investigate unlawful force allegations so we can get at the police shootings, down to the basic allegations that there has been an unlawful use of force."

Jennings said the Office of Civil Rights was the brainchild of former AG and Lt. Gov. Matt Denn. The officer operates outside the traditional sphere of leadership in the department so that it's cleared to get the best possible information for charges.

"To be a separate office from rest of the Department of Justice, it does not report to anyone else in the criminal division, to anyone in the fraud division, or otherwise. They are their own entity so they can maintain their own independence. "

Another area Jennings said she'd like to see improvement is in the diversity of the Department of Justice. She said that begins with being more effective at recruitment.

"We need to start at the college level and try to reach out to historically black colleges, [so] that we are casting our net pretty wide. The Department of Justice is a very good place to work, and you have the opportunity to practice just about any type of law you want."

Jennings also talked about the COVID-19 pandemic, and why there have been so few arrests when it comes to Governor Carney's State of Emergency.

"Don't just go arresting people. Let's be careful; let's be restrained, and let's take this one step at a time, and try to get people just to comply, and the police have really followed that."