John Healy scores for Salesianum vs Father Judge

It’s starting to look like a chase between 5 teams for 1 bid as the Division 1 playoff chase begins to each its frantic finish.

Sussex Tech’s 61-6 victory over Smyrna all but eliminates the 3-time champions, but just moves the Ravens into the mix of a strong group of teams bubbling toward the 6th seed.

Last week CR was at No. 6, but by the virtue of playing Division 2 Brandywine, they dropped below Appoquinimink, who also got help from St. Georges’ loss to Hodgson.

The downside for the Jags, is that they get Hodgson this week, while CR still has to contend with Henlopen North-leading Sussex Central and Dover, likely making this a race between St. Georges and Sussex Tech.

One team who could really help itself down the stretch is William Penn, who faces both St. Georges and Appo in the final week, and could vault themselves back into the chase, or at the very least make some friends from either Camden or Georgetown.

At the top, the winner of the Week 10 Hodgson/Middletown game will certainly receive a bye, while Sussex Central could use Dover getting to 9 wins to off-set their Week 10 Division 2 game with Indian River.

Dover is still not out of the running for a bye, as bonus points likely await with their Division 2 foes Archmere and Woodbridge, but would have a better chance if Middletown beat Hodgson. It would be a tough ask.

If Smyrna were to bounce back with a victory over Salesianum, that could also muddy the waters at the bottom, as Salesianum has Division 2 St. Mark’s waiting in week 10, but that would require Appo to upset Hodgson, while CR upset both Central and Dover.

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Point System

Division I Opponent: 6 Points for a win, 1 Point for a Loss

Division II Opponent: 4 Points for a win, 0 Points for a Loss

Bonus Points: 1 for 7 or 8 opponent wins, 2 for 9 or 10 wins

September 30, 2016 attendance count boundary: 1,119 students, or 560 for all-male schools

Out-Of-State Opponents (Recent Changes in Bold)

Division I: Urbana, Father Judge, Westminster (6-3), Franklin (7-2), Mergenthaler (8-1), Queen Anne’s,

Division II: Episcopal (5-2), IMG Academy (6-1)

Bonus Point Opponents

7 Wins: Hodgson, Delmar, Mergenthaler, Franklin, Sussex Central, Middletown, Dover

9 Wins:

1) Hodgson –  8-0 (6+4+6+6+4+6+6+6=44/8=5.50) -  @Appo, Middletown

T-2) Sussex Central – 7-1 (2*+6+4+6+6+6+6+6=42/8=5.25) - CR, Indian River

T-2) Middletown – 7-1 (6+6+6+6+6+6+0+6=42/8=5.25) - Concord, @Hodgson

4) Dover – 7-1 (5*+4+6+2*+6+6+6+6=41/8=5.13) - Cape, CR

5) Salesianum – 5-2 (6+6+6+6+0+2*+6+6=38/8=4.75) – @Smyrna, St. Mark’s

6) Appoquinimink – 5-3 (1+6+1+6+2*+4+6+6=32/8=4.00) – Hodgson, @William Penn

7) Caesar Rodney – 5-3 (6+1+6+6+1+6+1+4=31/8=3.88) – @Central, @Dover

8) St. Georges – 4-4 (0+6+6+2*+1+6+6+1=28/8=3.50) –William Penn, @Delcastle

T-9) Sussex Tech – 4-4 (4+1+4+1+2*+2*+6+6=26/8=3.25) - Polytech, @Cape

T-9) William Penn – 3-5 (2*+2*+1+6+6+2*+1+6=26/8=3.25) – @St. Georges, Appo

11) Smyrna – 2-5 (2*+1+6+6+2*+1+1=19/7=2.71) – Salesianum, Polytech