Delaware Lottery app feature - promoted for a month - is still not available (but it will be soon)

When Apple product users visit the Delaware Lottery website via iPhones or iPads and try to install its Collect 'N Win reward App, they get a message: The iOS App for mobile devices will be available on the Apple App store soon.

A month after introducing it on other platforms, a hold-up on Apple's end has delayed its full implementation.

According to Delaware Lottery Assistant Director Barbara Miller, Collect 'N Win can be downloaded already on Android devices through Google Play and through the web. 

"This is the first time that the vendor ran into some issues with getting the app available at the day the program is launched, in part to Apple changing some of their procedures with approving the apps on their store" Miller said. 

Miller said Apple approved the Delaware Lottery to download and test the feature. It worked in "test" mode but did not work when it went live.

"On the day that we launched, it did not show up in the App Store," Miller said. "That's what started this long, drawn-out delay."

Delaware Lottery customers have largely been able to work around the hold-up by entering manually. Miller is expecting the problem to be rectified soon.

"That is the trend now. With almost everything, you need to have an app," Miller said. "It's prohibiting us from moving forward with reaching that objective that we were hoping to get."

Since Collect 'N Win is a rewards-based feature, players will be able to enter their numbers for second-chance drawings once a month. Because the Powerball Jackpot grew to record levels recently, there are many players with tickets they'll be able to enter--perhaps in May instead of April.

"It's just one of those things that happened," Miller said. "Apple makes the rules and we have to abide by them...This was an Apple decision."

Reporter - Anchor

Mark Fowser is a veteran journalist in Delaware.