Governor John Carney speaking to the 2018 USCC graduating class

Governor John Carney has amended his State of Emergency, for the the sixteenth time, to hold students and educators "harmless" for the shortened school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also waived required learning hours for students as well as teacher days so long as school districts and charter schools comply with remote learning plans submitted to the state.

"Districts and charter schools should continue to make every reasonable effort to promote and monitor student attendance as fully as possible in the continued educational opportunities outlined in each district and charter school’s remote learning plan," the modification said.

The governor, in his modification, said the closure of Delaware's school buildings has disrupted the normal in-person testing and evaluation cycle for everyone involved in education.

“Students and educators across our state, especially our 2020 senior class, have been significantly affected by this COVID-19 crisis,” said Governor Carney in a written statement. “These changes in our latest modification will make sure students and educators are not punished because of the shortened school year."

The modification suspends the required 188 full work days for teachers as well as content-readiness exams and performance assessment requirements. It also suspends annual end-of-year educator evaluations.

In an earlier modification, the governor allowed for drive-thru-style or virtual graduations.

His amended State of Emergency also extends the season for commercial anchored grill net fishers, who have faced "extreme hardships" due to the coronavirus pandemic. Their season has been extended until midnight on June 1, 2020. 

Read the full Sixteenth Modification to the State of Emergency: