Carney 6-16

Delaware will not move into Phase 3 of reopening on Monday, June 29, as some Delawareans may have anticipated.

While Governor John Carney never committed to a start date for Phase 3, typically, each phase of the reopening process lasts two weeks.

But, the governor said, the state isn't ready to move into Phase 3 for one big reason.

"Too many Delawareans and visitors are not following basic public health precautions," he said.

At his weekly coronavirus news conference, on Tuesday, the governor stressed his concern that people were "letting their guard down."

He specifically pointed to restaurants, gyms, youth sporting events, and beach communities, where the governor said he's seeing and hearing about a lack of physical distancing and not wearing face coverings in public, as the state sees a slight uptick in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

"You’re required to wear a mask in public settings. Keep your distance from those outside your household. These are common sense steps that, frankly, are not that difficult to follow. And they’re a small price to pay for keeping our friends and relatives out of the hospital."

He also expressed concern over a lack of interest in testing as the state stands up more sites. He said data from a recent testing event in Rehoboth Beach will influence the decision.

"Results of that event should help us determine infection rates in our coastal communities. We’ll be monitoring this data – as well as compliance with public health requirements like mask-wearing and social distancing – as we make a determination about when Phase 3 should begin," said the governor.