Delaware's novel coronavirus COVID-19 cases increased by 121 to 12,414 cumulatively amid 1,506 new test results, an infection rate of around 8%, Division of Public Health officials announced Tuesday. 

According to officials, there were two new deaths reported for a total of 514. The two most recent deaths, announced by public health Tuesday, involved individuals in their 80s, both with underlying health conditions. One was male, one was female, and both were residents of New Castle County, DPH said. 

At least two-thirds of deaths have been in long-term care facilities while the majority of persons have had underlying health conditions.

The state added 37 new full recoveries for a total of 6,815, and though those numbers would indicate an active care increase of 82 to 5,085, though DPH is currently transitioning to a new data system as part of its contract tracing program that affects the reporting of recovery numbers. As a result, active cases are likely inflated.  

Tuesday's cumulative additions broke down to 66 in New Castle County for a total of 5,555, 23 in Kent for 1,784, and 25 in Sussex for 4,977. 

Hospitalizations increased by two for a total of 56. Of those, 15 persons were listed as "critically ill."

Negative tests increased by 1,385 for 116,2871. 


This story was based on numbers provided by the Delaware DPH's dashboard, as of 1 p.m. on 7/7/20.