Delaware's 'active' novel coronavirus COVID-19 cases dropped almost another dozen Tuesday as the state gets ready for a series of sweeping restriction dismissals come June 1st's Phase I reopening plan. 

There were 101 new positives--for a cumulative total of 9,066--reported among the 1,018 new test results provided May 26, 2020, meaning roughly 10% of the total new results were positive. But with 109 new total recoveries for a total of 4,802, and four new deaths reported for a total of 335 fatalities attributed to the virus, active cases dropped 11 to 3,929. 

Of the new deaths, one was female, the others male. They ranged in age from 69 to 92 years old. One was from New Castle County, one was from Kent County, the remaining two were from Sussex County. Three had underlying health conditions, and two had been long-term care facility residents. 

By county, New Castle saw an increase of 72 to 3,508, Kent saw an increase of 12 to 1,368, and Sussex saw an increase of 14 to 4,132. 

Hospitalizations decreased another four, bringing the current total number of hospitalized patients to 201. Of those, 38 were in critical condition. Negative tests increased 917 to 45,848.