COVID testing 1

Middletown High School

Delaware's daily COVID percent-positive reached double-figures earlier this week, but that doesn't mean Delaware's schools are about to be forced into remote-only.

Based on Delaware Division of Health Data, Delaware's percent-positive, or positive tests divided by total tests administered, was 12.5% on November 16, a number that was made public earlier on Thursday.

120 out of the 963 returned tests from that day are positive, although there are reasons to believe that could just be a one day spike.

The 963 tests are well below Delaware's testing counts from the three previous days (6744. 4528, and 7852), plus 3127 tests returned from November 17.

  • 11/13 - 431positives/6744 total tests = 6.4%
  • 11/14 - 229/4528 = 5.1%
  • 11/15 - 426/7852 = 5.4%
  • 11/16 - 120/963 = 12.5%
  • 11/17 - 235/3127 = 7.5%
  • 11/18 - 17/1513 = 0.1%

According to Delaware's school reopening plan, Delaware would need to reach 8.0% on a rolling average, not just a single day, before schools would be told to revert back to remote-only. Delaware's rolling average, even with the 12.5%, is 6.5%, and while that will go up slightly tomorrow, the surrounding numbers wouldn't be enough to bring the average above 8.0% unless other subsequent days also go past 8.0%.

DPH updates their testing numbers each day with the more publicly released "new cases", which are not just added to a single day, but rather the aggregate of new positives from generally a week-long period. Therefore, all of the positive and test counts could be higher tomorrow, which would move the percentages either up or down depending on if the percentage remains the same, higher, or lower.

Officials have not immediately announced the preliminary testing results for two days to allow for more data to come in, although it is not clear why Monday's test count was significantly lower than surrounding days.