Snow 1-16-22

A winter storm heading to Delaware from the Midwest ahead of Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be problematic further south and temporarily dump heavy snow for periods, but this region should be mostly spared the worst of the storm. 

"It's going to cause snow pretty far to the south," said NBC10's Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz. "Mississippi and Alabama and Georgia and the mountains of North Carolina, but because the track is inland, it can start as snow, but it can't stay snow as that warm air comes in."

Friday night, temperatures should drop to around 15 degrees, and increasing clouds through the day Saturday will only allow temperatures to top out at around 25. By late Sunday, January 16, 2022, a partly sunny day with a high of 32 leads into accumulating snow. 

"Five o' clock Sunday--we're dry before that through the weekend--but the temperature has gone up, in some areas up far enough so there is not a flake in southern Delaware, in parts of South Jersey, and the shore. By eight o'clock, the model is having fairly heavy snow falling. This is where we can get the accumulation. This is where you want to stay off the roads from I-95 northward. It'll be pretty limited, maybe an inch or two and then melts by Monday morning," Schwartz said. "The farther north and west you go, the more snow is going to fall, but that area, too, will see it changed to rain."

Those warmer temperatures and rain are anticipated to clear out most of the trouble caused late Sunday, and leave the roads mostly passable by Monday, he said. 

"As we go through the night, there's heavy rain and temperatures of 40," Schwartz said. "Then, by Monday morning, it's above freezing just about everywhere, and we don't have any issues with rush hour on Monday morning."