A sample Delaware driver's license with the new "veteran" mark

A sample Delaware driver's license with the new "veteran" mark

Delaware's veterans will now be able to indicate their status on state-issued driver licenses and ID cards.

The word "VETERAN" is in red capital letters underneath the date of birth, and Delaware DMV Director Jana Simpler said the hope is it can make things more convenient for veterans.

"The Veteran indicator was a collaborative effort to reduce the necessity for our Veterans to obtain and carry a secondary ID, or carry a DD-214, which contains sensitive information, to prove their Veteran status. For all they have done for their country, it’s the least we can do for them."

Veterans will need to show either a military ID, NGB-22, DD-214, DD-256, an honorary discharge certificate, or a valid out-of-state driver license with veteran designation.

Those who are already updating their license for a renewal, address change, or other reason can add the marking at no additional charge, but there is a $10 fee to just have it added at any other time.

The designation is not a replacement for a military ID card, and they would still need to show that ID at other times to receive services.

All 50 states plus Puerto Rico now offer the veteran indication, which can sometimes lead to discounts at stores, businesses, and restaurants.