Citing the process how the grants were selected, council voted down the approval of 16 grants for local organizations and non-profits, totaling $85,000.

"Declared defeated, our poor children," remarked Council President Hanifa Shabazz after the 6-4 vote.  

The money was going to be diverted to 16 organizations, many helping children in the city, who are in need.

Many on council aren't pleased with the grant-making process because they said they didn't get a full say on which organizations would've received the money.  

"We didn't have a say if we can give them more money, less money, whatever," said Councilman Vash Turner. "We didn't have a say over who we wanted to pick, a lot of us you know, we were asked about submitting it, but we asked for a meeting of the whole to be able to discuss the whole $313,000 that we have in our budget and see where we want to appropriate it."

Councilwoman Linda Gray was also against the grants were chosen.

"The process is flawed these individuals were selected without conference or without the transparency to other council members," said Gray.

Councilman Trippi Congo said all 13 members of council need to act on their own. He added the process is flawed and needs to be fixed.

Councilwoman Yolanda McCoy was also against the process. She said that it was better to give back the money to community and let them tell council where it needs to spend.

Councilwoman Michelle Harlee added that none of the names were included in the budget, and that community dollars should be divided, equally, among all districts. She said that's not the way it's being done currently.

Council President Hanifa Shabazz said council already voted for this process.

"The process that by which this resolution [was] brought forth is by the ordinance that this body passed--that any resolution or any allocations of $5,000 or more be brought before council by resolution, which is [what's] being done this evening," said Shabazz.

Councilwoman Zanthia Oliver supported Shabazz. She said that, for whatever reason, some on council can't take that Shabazz is Wilmington City Council President.

Council now goes on its summer recess. The next Wilmington City Council meeting is on August 22, 2019.