Delaware DOJ

Attorney General Seal for Delaware's Department of Justice

A Brandywine Hundred house cleaner was indicted by a grand jury Tuesday on multiple counts of theft.  

Susan Losey is accused of defrauding as many as 50 customers, out of $22,000, by using her cleaning business, Down & Dirty Cleaning Services, to collect pre-payment for services never rendered. 

The Delaware Department of Justice said Losey was an unlicensed house cleaner, who pitched her services through a number of social media sites, including MOD Squad (Moms of Delaware) and N. Wilmington Moms, starting in April 2019. During that time, she's accused of offering a number of special promotions and deals that required potential clients to pay upfront for cleaning services they never received. Losey is accused of denying refunds upon clients' request when services weren't received.

It's unclear whether Losey, who's deleted her business social media accounts, has an attorney.