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How can Delaware's coronavirus-closed businesses get back online quickly without endangering employee or customer safety? The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce has some ideas.

Part of their "best practices" guide is focused on short-term business needs, said Chamber president Mike Quaranta.

"They're gonna need PPE, they're gonna need screening protocols, and perhaps some telemedicine options to give some of their symptomatic employees--(we) don't want everybody to rush to the hospital--that's a bad idea," said Quaranta.

Quaranta said in the long term, companies should focus on things like worker re-ttraining, broadband technology, distance learning and regulatory reform.

He added businesses have to plan now for whenever they get the green light to re-open, and the Chamber will use the advice of medical experts to make sure re-opening is quick, but safe.

Read DSCC's full COVID-19 Prevention Best Practices guide: