Local 74 Trade School

The path from the classroom to your chosen career field can be anything from book smarts to elbow grease and, in some cases, sheer luck.

In an age where job security isn't what it used to be and even the most qualified applicants to various positions finds obstacles between competition and just not knowing the right person--the call to skilled labor has made a ferocious comeback.

The Trade school series takes different looks at the Local 74 Trade School in Newark to see what drew students to the 'non-traditional' career path that is putting them to work and paying them in more ways than one to do so.

The typical household with children has been pushing the agenda of good grades in primary and high schools so that you can get in to college, and maybe get some scholarship money to help out mom and dad. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

What you may start seeing is a rise in the skilled trade workforce.

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