Chris Rowe, the Chairman of New Castle County Republican Committee since last June, may not have that position much longer following a social media frenzy over his use of a word many interpreted as homophobic.

Before he goes, he is speaking out about how it all started and what it says about the state of politics in Delaware.

Earlier this week, Blue Delaware--which describes itself as reporting from a "liberal, progressive and Democratic perspective"--highlighted comments Rowe made in a Facebook post after he attempted to post raw video of an incident in Texas in which a man with a gun killed a shooter in a church. A friend notified him that the video had been taken down.

"It's a tactic of the progressive left and the Democratic party has that fringe element in it unfortunately in Delaware that takes every opportunity to go after their enemies," Rowe said in an interview with WDEL about the post. "They're operating, in my opinion, in a de facto state of war against any opposition to them--even within their own party.

"I posted something like 'faggots on Facebook' out of anger, not out of detriment to any gay individual or community. I could have used any other expletive in its place, if you know what I'm saying."

"It was a mistake, a mistaken use of a word and it was done in a brief moment of anger," Rowe added.

When the comments were circulated, several elected Republican officials expressed their opposition and sought an apology and Rowe's resignation.

Rowe said under the circumstances, he did not see where an apology was necessary.

"I don't think an apology is in order. That, in my opinion, would be an admission of guilt that I intended something bad and I did not," Rowe said.

Rowe also said he had been asked by Delaware Republican Party Chair Jane Brady to submit his resignation.

"I most likely will," he said.

Rowe also said he plans to release a full video message on the New Castle County GOP Facebook page in the next few days to explain the controversy and his course of action.

In a statement, Brady condemned the language used by Rowe as well as that used by Sussex County Vice GOP Chair Nelly Jordan. Jordan's online comments in a separate matter have been criticized as anti-Semitic.

"Neither I nor the Delaware Republican Party, which I represent, condone any statements that demean or show disrespect to others," Brady said. "His (Rowe's) comment was offensive and did not reflect the values of respect and tolerance held dear by the Delaware Republican Party. Ultimately, as a result, he lost the support of those he was to lead."

"Our Party includes individuals from all different backgrounds, joined together to advance the principles we hold dear," Brady continued in the statement. "I am proud of Delaware Republicans and their broad range of diversity that makes our party stronger."

Brady also called Jordan's statements "offensive, hurtful and anti-Semitic." Because she was elected to her position and not appointed as Rowe was, Brady said Jordan would have to make a choice of either resigning or "going through a process to seek her removal."

"I plan to stay involved," Rowe said. "The problem in my opinion is most people don't get involved in their local political parties or local political process." 

"You don't have to get involved with a party. Just get out there and know what your elected officials are doing, what type of laws they're passing. If you don't like it, get down to Legislative Hall, pound the table. Let them know you're happy or you're not."


This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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Mark Fowser is a veteran journalist in Delaware.