"Enough is enough."

Republican state Senator Dave Lawson was among protesters who attended a rally outside Dover Mall demanding that Delaware reopen immediately.

The state remains stalled in Phase 2 "indefinitely" due to an uptick of coronavirus cases at the Delaware beaches.

"This is absurd, we've taken this thing way, way too far," said Lawson. 

Lawson admitted COVID-19 can be "pretty nasty" and it wreaks havoc on the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, but he pointed to Delaware's low hospitalization rate as a good sign.

"So we open up, we let people get back to work, we see what's going on, and then we work from there. We don't run afraid from it to start with...we don't run away from it, simply because it's there; we have to deal with it, there's such a thing has herd immunity, there's such a thing as getting out there and getting exposed and getting over it, and what is it? Ninety- percent of some of the people recover from it? [Some] don't even know that they've had it."

He called the mask mandate and social distancing guidelines/restrictions "confusing."

"Are they guidance because the governor uses those terms interchangeably,  but then threatens people with arrests and/or licenses being revoked...this kind of strong overreach and heavy-handed behavior has really got people angry."

Governor Carney's office has said the State of Emergency, which contains a mask mandate, has the force of law behind it. But rather than arrest people, they've opted to educate and reinforce the mandate.

The protest was organized by the Facebook group Stand Up Delaware, formerly known as Delawareans Against Excessive Quarantine.

"It's time to do something different, it's time to get back to work. It's time to get out from under this shadow--the over-government reach and let us work as adults, so that's the message. The regulations have been confusing and oppressive and people are tired of that," Lawson said.